Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy

Governor Sununu Sabotaging Family and Medical Leave Insurance Bill

Concord, N.H. – Today the Senate Finance Committee voted along party lines to recommend the popular proposal to enact a paid family and medical leave insurance program to interim study for further review. Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Director Amanda Sears expressed her deep disappointment and frustration at the vote, “This vote to kick the can down the road sends a clear message to New Hampshire families that they are on their own; no help is coming. New Hampshire workers and businesses alike shared hours of personal testimony on the need for this program. They should know their pleas are falling on deaf ears with Senate Finance Committee republicans and the Governors office.”

“Governor Sununu loves to tout the only way to get things done is to roll up your sleeves and lead by example, but that’s the last thing he’s done on this issue. After committing to voters throughout his campaign that he supports a family and medical leave program, he’s been a no-show during eighteen months of bipartisan work on this bill, coming in only at the eleventh-hour with a letter in opposition to chill the debate and the growing momentum. Governor Sununu is trying to pull the rug out from New Hampshire families with his last minute sabotage of this bill. HB628 is a practical, bipartisan solution that would help working people balance family and work responsibilities. We applaud the many legislators who have worked across the aisle for months in their efforts to bring this important program to New Hampshire families.”

The bill passed a series of hurdles prior to today’s vote, including the review of three separate committees in the House and three bipartisan votes in the House to pass the policy. The bill will now head to the full Senate with continued public demand and the support of over 100 businesses across the state. “The Campaign and our more than 22,000 supporters across the state will now turn our attention to the full Senate and urge a majority of Senators to reject the Governor and Finance Committee’s attempts to defeat the bill and instead model the kind of leadership that New Hampshire families expect.” said Sears.


April 17, 2018

Contact: Amanda Sears