Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy

2018 Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Questionnaire Responses

2018 Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Questionnaire Responses

Candidate questionnaires were sent to every state candidate across all parties. 

Full Name Party Office County Seat Do you support creating a family and medical leave insurance program funded by employee payroll deductions to ensure all working people in New Hampshire have access to partial, temporary wage replacement when they need to take time out from work to care for themselves or a family member who is sick or recovering? Do you support requiring employers to provide workers the ability to earn paid sick days to use for themselves or to care for a sick family member? Do you support increased funding for child care assistance to working families? Do you support requiring employers to release work schedules to hourly employees at least one week in advance? Do you support establishing a minimum wage in New Hampshire of $15/hour? 6a. Do you support increasing state funding for New Hampshire’s public university and community college system if it means lower tuition? 6b. Do you support increasing state scholarship dollars and implementing targeted education loan forgiveness programs to help ease the debt of working families and attract young graduates to stay and work in New Hampshire?
Aaron R Gill D H HIL 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Alejandro Urrutia D H HIL 37 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Should be possible to partially pay for community college with volunteer work Yes  
Allison Nutting-Wong D H HIL 32 Yes Voted for it once, and will gladly vote for it again! I'd like some paid maternity leave too! Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes or higher Yes   Yes  
Amanda Bouldin D H HIL 12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Amanda Gourgue D H STR 25 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Would love to see a month in advance! Yes At least $15/hour, which is still hard to live off of Yes Yes, but I would like to see better budgeting at UNH. I think tuition could be lower with better budgeting/less spending on not so important items. Yes  
Andrew Bouldin D H HIL 12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Andru Volinsky D EC   EC2 Yes I don't think this is as complicated as the opponents portray and would be an important distinguishing factor to attract/keep younger families in the state. It is also the right thing to do. Yes   Yes We need to do a lot in this area, including the above, but also, Community College tuition waivers for childcare workers, more CDBG block grants for infrastructure, and we need to move closer to making pre-school universally available. Yes   Yes   Yes This is one of biggest policy shortcomings. We need to better support higher education in NH. Yes
Yes, but the scholarships should be made available in the form of partial or full tuition waivers to state schools. Debt reduction to those in childcare and teaching.
Anita Burroughs D H CARI 1 Yes This insurance would not only assist children and families, it helps employers and the NH economy. With a paid medical leave, workers would be less likely to leave their jobs in order to take a family or medical leave, insuring that money stays in the Granite state. Many individuals and families are one pay check away from financial disaster, and this insurance would ensure that people would not need to choose between their livelihoods or caring for a sick family member. Yes I agree that any company that has the financial means to do so should provide workers with paid sick days, with the potential of a state fund to assist mom and pop businesses that could not handle the financial burden of such a policy. Workers should not have to choose between caring for a sick child at home or sending them to school so that they do not lose wages. Sick children and adults also put others at risk in school and at the place of work. Yes There are many families who pay more for child care than their incomes can support. Workers who must choose between working or providing their own childcare would exacerbate the problem of NH businesses to find qualified employees, and take money out of our economy. Our state budget should be expanded to provide child care funding for low-income families who cannot pay for this expense on their own. Doing so is a win-win for the family, employers and the NH economy. Yes We cannot expect families to walk away from the care of children or aging parents due to last minute scheduling changes on the part of an employer. Releasing work schedules at least a week in advance reflects common courtesy and respect, but a recognition of the reality of working families in our state. Yes $7.25 an hour is beyond absurd, and I believe that NH must follow the lead of other states which are requiring $15 an hour. I would want to determine the impact this would have on NH businesses if the jump was made in one year, or if the increase should be done in increments over 1-3 years. We want to insure that the wage increase will not put jobs in jeopardy if the increase were to happen in year one, putting workers at even greater financial risk. Yes Absolutely! We are losing our young people every year due to the fact that NH has the highest state tuition in the country. This impacts employers seeking skilled workers, and we are seeing a brain and youth drain from our state. NH must invest more in our universities, community colleges and other vocational programs to stop the mass exit of students from our state. Many of these young people want to remain, but feel that they are unable to do so because of the high cost of tuition. NH desperately needs skilled workers, including mechanics, HVAC tech, electricians, RN's and home health workers. Yes
Absolutely, for the same reasons given above. Student debt is an unreasonable burden on our young people, and state scholarships will encourage talented students to stay and work in NH, and contribute to our economy.
Anne Grassie D S   SD6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Art Ellison D H MER 27 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Barbara Blue D H HIL 37 Yes When my daughter gave birth to her first child she was only able to take two weeks for maternity leave. This is not right, and I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Yes My daughter's husband was fired from his job because he has pneumonia and was unable to come to work. His employer did to provide sick time. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Yes My granddaughter-in-law cannot afford to work because of the high cots of daycare for her daughter. Yes   Yes Studies have shown that a two parent family with two children cannot afford to live on less than $15.00 per hour. Rents in NH are very high as well as the cost of childcare. Yes The University of New Hampshire has the highest tuition of any state university in the country. Yes  
Barbara Shaw D H HIL 16 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Ben Geiger D H ROC 4 Yes   Yes With the exception that employers who currently provide sick days shouldn't be forced into this style. Yes Not sure how exactly we fund this. But I am sure there is a way. Yes
How is this not a thing, I've quit jobs over this when I was younger.
  So yes, I support a significant increase to the minimum wage. Not sure yet if 15 is the correct number across the state, but definitely should tie it to the cost of living in the state Yes I want to retain young people. Making sure in-state tuition is low is a minimum requirement Yes  
Betty Ann Abbott D H BEL 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Bianca Acebron Peco D H MER 25 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Bonnie Wright D H ROC 8 Yes Absolutely yes! As an activist, I wrote a LTE (non-published) on this, called state reps, and helped hand out fliers at the State House in support of this. I am 100% on board with this!!! Yes Taking time off from work means no income, so some employees work when they should not, which risks exposing others (co-workers and customers) to their communicable illness. This should include doctors visits and treatment plans, and should not require a doctor's note or explanation. Yes We need qualified workers for every level of employment, regards of the skills required for that position. Making childcare affordable, without losing quality of care, should be a priority to keep NH businesses strong and reduce stress on working families. Yes Businesses should be organized enough to know what their needs will be in one week (or more), and should be able to set a schedule their employees in a timely fashion. On the other hand, employees need to be responsible, too, and let the employer know of their schedules. However, both need to be flexible, to be able to allow for unseen circumstances, because "Life Happens." Employees or kids get sick and soccer tournaments are last minute; restaurants find out about last-minute large parties, and disasters happen. Employees need to be able to schedule their non-working life around their work schedule and make arrangements for childcare while they work. Employers need to know they have employees they can count on. Employees will be more loyal to their employers if they are treated properly, and that means being able to plan to enjoy their life outside of work. Yes Totally! In my district, bordering Massachusetts, many "low paying" jobs are paying $15 or close to it already. $15 per hour will still mean some families will continue to live on the edge. We need to be sure that we don't give folks a raise that will reduce their benefits, and leave them upside down financially. Yes NH has the 2nd oldest population, second only to Maine, and we are expected to surpass Maine within the next five years. We need to do everything we can to keep our young adults to stay NH, and to attract others to our state. It is criminal that a NH highschool graduate has to pay more for in-state tuition and stay at home, than they have to pay for out-of-state tuition and housing in another state. Yes
We need to find creative ways to make secondary education more affordable for our students, without putting a huge burden on taxpayers. Lowering tuition rates and offering scholarsips which would pay off their tuition if the students stay in NH for a long enough period, would help with the "Silver Tsunami" we are facing.
Brenda Ellen Grady D H HIL 21 Yes An employee needs to have a mechanism to continue with family financial obligations during emergencies Yes Employees need time for sick parents or children without losing their jobs. Yes I have seen positive results from this type of funding Yes This should be available for employees to schedule for family needs. Yes   Yes As a graduate of NH's state university system in the 70's, I was fortunate to not have much debt, but the costs are MUCH higher today. My students ( I am a retired HS teacher) were aware of their future costs and many decided to postpone their entry into
college until years after graduation. Some never went.
YES ! NH does not do enough to help students go to college, even to our own colleges and universities.
Brian J. Stone R H ROC 1 Yes I will only support it if there is an opt-out provision or an option to participate. Yes   Yes   Yes   No   Yes   Yes  
Brian Stisser D H HIL 21 Yes   Yes   Yes As a parent with a 3-year-old in full day preschool, I am keenly aware of the burden of paying for child care for families in New Hampshire and the value high quality early education offers for children. I am in favor of improving funding to make quality early child education more accessible while also paying a fair wage to early childhood teachers. Yes I would support restricting abusive scheduling practices, but I do believe it may be necessary for employers to have flexible schedules in some cases. I would look for proposed legislation to have some mechanism for this, such as permitting "flexible scheduling" but requiring employers to pay overtime wages if they give less than 1 week of notice. Yes   Yes Under funding of our higher education is a key reason why young adults leave New Hampshire and don't move back, so properly funding our state universities and community colleges will be key to keeping young families in New Hampshire. Yes  
Brian Sullivan D H SUL 1 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Camron Dennis Iannalfo D H ROC 8 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Candace Moulton D H HIL 44 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Carlos Cardona D H BEL 3 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No I believe in raising the minimum wage gradually but immediately to $15/hr is a big increase and burden for small companies that are vital to specially rural communities. Yes   Yes  
Casey Conley D H STR 13 Yes I voted for HB 628 last term and will vote for its successor bill next year if I am re-elected. No This is a tough one, and the yes/no choices do not allow for nuance or caveats around size of business, etc. I don't like 'requiring' businesses to make changes that could threaten their viability. I would rather support incentives that make paid sick leave universally available. Further, as we encountered with HB628, there are challenges distinguishing between full and part-time employees, and coming up with solutions that cover these different classes of employees. So while I really want to get to a place where paid sick days are universal, I do not see an easy legislative solution and am not sure I could support a mandate. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Cassandra Levesque D H STR 4 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Catherine Sofikitis D H HIL 34 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Chad Rolston D H SUL 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support establishing a minimum wage higher than the federal min. I would need to see data to make a determination on the actual amount. Yes   Yes  
Charles Mitchell D H BEL 4 Yes   Yes This one in a no-brainer. Every employee should have this benefit. Yes   Yes Definitely support this. It is deplorable that any employer would be so unfair to its employee as to not do so. Yes However, I would be willing to also support a slightly lower amount to begin the process of increasing the minimum wage. Yes On the other hand, I would support lowering the tuition for in-state students, even if they had to raise the tuition for out-of-state students. Yes  
Chester Lapointe R H CHE 13 No I would support a voluntary contribution made outside of payroll taxes. A fund people could chose to support. No If employees would leverage their power as the legs upon which all business rests. And negotiate better terms and salary. Or simple refuse to work places that don't offer them what they want. Business would be compelled to find a way to accommodate them. People make choices to work where they do. Business is in business to make money. Make it hard for them to do so by refraining from working/shopping there till changes are made. Be an activist with your resources. No I empathize with those people who find themselves in this position. But choices are made. We shouldn't require people to pay for other peoples choices. Solutions could be as easy as starting your own child care assistance program and charge your community what you would consider to be fair. Once competition is present that should understandable drive the price down. Yes An employee should be given plenty of notice about when they are expected to work. Good business ethic is to have a work force that is informed. Its good for moral and like work balance. No Moving numbers around a chart doesnt increase the sum of the value if everyone is making it. 7.25 becoming 15 means 15 is now worth 7.25. Address the issues that inflate our money or the high taxation in our state as means of providing real income recovery to the citizenry. Lower taxes mean lower rents. No I feel higher education can only be attainable if we get government out of the equation. The cost of education ballooned once government backed money was introduced in the 1980s. The reason was laudable but the law of unintended consequences is on full display. run all of these valuable and necessary institutions as for profit. The cost will come down. No
This would be an easy one to support if we ignored personal responsibility. The student and family agreed to business terms. They must be honored without outside public money. I feel it would be a violation of trust to encourage the use of tax dollars to pay off an individuals debts.
Chris Balch D H HIL 38 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Chris Herbert D H HIL 43 Yes I would prefer a national federally funded medicare for all program that would provide this benefit Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Again, I prefer this type of social program be funded by Congress. Yes
*see previous comment about where I'd prefer this funding originate
Chris Meier Meier D S   SD3 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes however, there would likely need to be exemption for smaller business. Yes   Yes   Yes  
Christopher G Roundy D S   SD17 Yes Yes, for conditions/circumstances covered under the federal FMLA program. Yes It makes sense for all employers to move to a paid time off program rather than a hybrid vacation/sick time program. Yes I'm not sure that its a straight scholarship model or some other mechanism but I'd be in favor of subsidizing child care for families in certain income to household number ratio brackets. Yes   Yes I am not sure that the $15 is the right number, but the number need to be such that an individual working 40 hours a week would not require additional assistance from the state to afford living expenses. Yes   Yes
Especially for certain job sectors, i.e. mental health care workers, nurses, and other categories where there is an immediate need.
Christy Dolat Bartlett D H MER 19 Yes   Yes   Yes I serve as President of the Board of Merrimack Valley Day Care Services and I am verY aware of these costs, especially for low income families. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
I am a UNH Alumnus and, yet, my children went to school out of staes, because it was much less expensive. None of them returned after graduation.
Cindy Rosenwald D S   SD13 Yes Co-sponsor HB 628 Yes   Yes Sponsored legislation in 2017 to increase child care scholarship funding by $15M. Yes Unless it's a public health or safety problem (e.g. hospitals). Yes Gradually. Yes   Yes  
Claudia Istel D H SUL 7 Yes Much of my career as a public high school teacher was in the Fall Mtn. Regional School District. I have seen students coming to school sick because their parents couldn't take time off from work to care for their sick child. Parents have missed important meetings for their children's education because they couldn't take time off from work. Yes See above. Yes I know of a mother whose infant care is under a contract. She owes so much per week. When the infant is sick and she has to stay home with the sick baby, she owes for child care and she is losing pay for the day she is not working. It seems harsh, but it's understandable that the child care facility be assured of a steady income, and infant care is hard to come by. Yes This is terribly important. Besides the obvious need for scheduling childcare, not knowing one's schedule means that parents can't schedule meetings with teachers or doctor's appointments, etc. I've had students who couldn't commit to coming in for extra help after school because they didn't know what their work schedule would be. To make ends meet, many people have to work more than one job, but I don't know how they can when/if they don't know what their work schedule will be for their first job. Yes A living wage would be better. 1) By the time NH or the country establishes $15/hour as the minimum wage, $15/hour may not be enough. 2) It's been years since I read that a living wage - so a worker could afford a one bedroom apt. in NH without paying more than 1/3 of their income - was between $17-18/hour. I see people working full-time, earning $13/hour, and struggling to make ends meet. Yes Keeping our young people in our state is very important. They are the future of the state. We need more workers. We are a greying state, so we need young people to carry on - to care for the elders, to volunteer in our communities, etc. Having an educated work force that is not so in debt means they have money to buy homes and cars and settle here. Yes
There are federal programs to forgive student loans of teachers who work in some rural or urban areas and for doctors who served in certain communities. Why not offer incentives to keep young graduates working and living in NH? Most of my former students who left the state for their education did not return to NH. It's our loss and another state's gain.
Clinton Hanson D H MER 20 Yes   Yes     Providing grant assistance for child care is important and something I can support depending upon appropriate revenue levels to fund the assistance. Yes     I support raising the minimum wage a minimum $1.00 per hour each year until the NH minimum wage reaches at least the average minimum wage rate among other states in New England. Yes   Yes  
Cole Riel D H HIL 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes As someone who worked a retail job for about 7 years, I understand fully the stress put on workers and their families by the uncertainty of short notice scheduling. While there should be exceptions for businesses of certain sizes or the nature of some businesses, this is a measure that would be extremely valuable for working families. No NH has a vital need to increase the minimum wage from the current unacceptable amount of $7.25 an hour. I am willing to compromise and work to ensure an increase in the minimum becomes law in 2019. Whether that be $10/hr, 11/hr, 12/hr, or whatever amount the elected legislature can agree on. Yes   Yes  
Connie Lane D H MER 12 Yes   Yes What about a health care system that does not incentivize people not to work so that they can keep their children on Medicaid? Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Connie Van Houten D H HIL 45 Yes As a member of the NH House Commerce Committee this term, I strongly supported and worked toward FMLI. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dan Feltes D S   SD15 Yes This is the number one priority for the 2019 session. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes It shouldn't jump immediately to $15/hour. It should be a graduated process. There should also be some consideration given to a training and/or seasonal wage. Yes   Yes  
Dan Toomey D H HIL 32 Yes I was a co-sponsor of a family and medical leave bill when I was previously a state rep in 1989-90. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Daniel LeClair R S   SD10 No This type of policy would put small businesses out of business. No This type of policy would put small businesses out of business. No   Yes   No   No   No  
Daniel Veilleux D H HIL 22 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support gradually raising the minimum wage if wages do not start to increase organically. Yes   Yes
I will support any reasonable proposals that support attracting and retaining young workers, particularly workers in sectors with unmet needs -- tech, healthcare, mental health, etc.
Darryl W Perry L H CHE 16 No I support private businesses implementing such a program on their on volition; however I oppose any government mandate that such program exist. No I support private businesses implementing such a program on their on volition; however I oppose any government mandate that such program exist. No As a libertarian, I'm opposed to all forms of government-forced wealth redistribution. No I support private businesses doing so on their on volition; however I oppose any government mandate that such happen. No Minimum Wage laws impede upon the free market, are arbitrary and almost never based on any sound economic/cost-benefit analysis. No I would support selling or eliminating the university and community college system. No
I support private businesses doing so on their on volition; however I oppose any government program that does so.
David B. Doherty D H MER 20 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
David E. Cote D H HIL 31 Yes   Yes   Yes       Yes   Yes   Yes  
David Huot D H BEL 3 Yes               Yes   Yes   Yes  
DAVID KARRICK D H MER 25 Yes Long over due! Yes   Yes   Yes   No I would support an initial minimum wage of $12. per hour scaling up to $15 per hour over 4 years with the same wages for women and men. Yes   Yes  
David Luneau D H MER 10 Yes FMLI is critical to attracting & retaining families in New Hampshire & to build the economy. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
David Meader D H CHE 6 Yes   Yes   Yes    
This is a good goal. Sometimes tough in retail where I work. Good to work on, though.

il this can be tough. From personal knowledge.

  Needs to higher. Maybe not 15.00 but more than it is now. Yes   Yes  
David Morrill D H CHE 4 Yes I don't think this is the ideal solution but it would probably work. I would prefer it wasn't insurance funded by voluntary payroll deductions. It should be funded by our taxes. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes A Bachelors Degree or trade school certification should be free. We should be investing in our citizens if we want young people to stay and relocate here. Yes  
David N. Smiley R H ROC 4 No I want to know what percentage of worker already have sick days available through their employers voluntarily offering i without state mandate. No I think it is a sad state of affairs that there are employers that do not help their employees with family troubles like an illness. However, I'm not convinced that mandating them to do so is appropriate for the state. I definitely feel that all employers should be mandated to divulge there sick-day policies to all prospective employees so that they can decide if that policy is acceptable. Yes I support assisting working parents, but not taking over the job for them. There must be a balance between taxpayers assisting parent as these parents help themselves. Yes This seems to be common courtesy between employers and employees. No   No If the state increases funding so that NH students pay 10% less on college tuition in NH public colleges, I don't feel that a $35,000 debt will increase attendance there because it is significantly less than $38,500 debt. Yes
Yes, for specific areas of need for certain workers in NH. For example, if there is a critical need for nurses or engineers or teachers in the state, then a loan forgiveness program could be a win-win proposition.
David Owen D H CARI 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Would need to be phased in over a few years Yes   Yes  
David Woodbury D H HIL 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dawna Baxter D H MER 22 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No   Yes   Yes  
Debora B. Pignatelli D EC   EC5  
This is not in the purview of the Executive Council. It is not a policy -making body. If a Family Medical Leave Act is passed by the Legislature and comes before the Council for review and the passage of a contract, I will support it, surely.
Again, the same answer as Number 1.
  Same as Number 1.  
I do not know about this and need to learn more. I do not know if the Council has any power here. Does it?
Same answer as Number 1.
I would support any contract that comes before Council doing this.
Same answer as Number 1.
Debra Altschiller D H ROC 19 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Delmar D. Burridge D H CHE 16 Yes listed previous professions, supports income tax to fund k-12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dennis Malloy D H ROC 23 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes This should be phased in over several years in order to give employers time to adjust their workforce and budget needs. An overnight increase to a $15.00 an hour minimum wage is not fair to employers. Yes   Yes  
Diane Langley D H HIL 8 Yes There are very specific ways in which we can assist young families and this is one of them. Yes People in entry level jobs are often forced to quit because of their own illness or that of a family member, The cost of training someone new oft exceeds the cost of offering the employee the time off that they need. Yes Childcare cost are burying young familes in marginal positions. The cost often exceed a weekly paycheck making employment not a viable option. Yes This is a basic expectation every employee should have of his or her employer. It is a simple matter of respect. Yes   No   Yes
Loan forgiveness programs have been proven highly successful in medical and other professional fields.
Diane Schuett D H MER 20 Yes My comment on all of these questions would be that i would have to see the language! Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dick Patten D H MER 17 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Donald J Bouchard D H HIL 11 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I believe that public education should be free or at least affordable to all residences attending Community Colleges. Yes  
Donna Mombourquette D H HIL 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dorothy Piquado D H BEL 2 Yes Studies show that workers are actually more efficient when they do not have the added stress of worry about caring for family members. It is past time that employers and businesses considered the welfare of their workers, and that includes families. Yes I do not understand why this is even an issue. Yes As a society we need to accept that we need to care for all our members. And the better care a child has at a young age, the greater the chance of him/her becoming a well-adjusted and responsible adult. Yes Even the "lowliest" of workers should have the right and the opportunity to plan his/her own schedule. Yes And that truly is a "minimum" wage. I would like to see a 'living" wage. Yes
But I would also like the institutions to examine their expenses and see where they could cut costs.
It sounds like a good idea but I would have to see how it would work. I am not ready to commit just yet.
Douglas Ley D H CHE 9 Yes   Yes Time to enter the 21st Century Yes It is a good idea and policy initiative. I'm not certain how we would do this in terms of state assistance but that is not insurmountable. I would be careful in terms of practicing and objectives. Yes We had a proposal similar to this in 2018 session but Spencer messed it up. We try again. Yes Politically, the increase needs to be gradual. But even partial process is progress. Yes Our support is so meagre now that it could go up! Yes
I'm not sure about the targeted loan forgiveness. Depends on the criteria. Would prefer based on family income rather than selecting certain degree programs.
I'm a historian and I would not support further marginalization of the liberal arts.
Dr. Bruce L. Cragin D H SUL 11 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Generally yes. Some exceptions may be needed for employers that demonstrate a valid need for such an exemption. Yes   Yes "New Hampshire is the leading exporter of high school graduates in the country and invests the least in the nation in state support for higher education." -- This is a truly astonishing statistic and a clear sign that change is needed! Yes  
Dr. Tom Sherman D S   SD28 Yes   Yes   Yes Child care costs are serving as a barrier for too many New Hampshire families, and we must pass increased funding for child care assistance in the state. We have a tight labor force, and one of the disincentives for people to enter it is lack of child care assistance. It is pro-family and pro-business to support this issue. Yes   Yes Family life has become expensive, and wages have not kept up with the basic costs of life. A $15/hour minimum wage is necessary. We must also take a multi-year gradual approach to its implementation. Yes One of the greatest challenges facing our state is our aging population and struggle to attract and retain young people. Our state’s record-high cost of higher education is leading many young professionals to start their careers deeply in debt, since we have the nation’s highest average college student loan debt. Considering we export 60% of high school students who are pursuing college degrees, the single most effective thing we could do to start reversing the flight of young people from our state is to invest in our University and Community College Systems. Yes  
Ed Butler D H CARI 7 Yes As with the bill that almost made it thru the legislature this past year, there need to be thresholds for small businesses and clear funding mechanisms. Yes   Yes This is a great idea but before putting my support behind such a legislative effort, I would need to know how it would be funded. Yes   No   Yes   Yes
I don't know that much about scholarship dollars provided by the state & would need to understand it better before putting my support there.
Elaine French D H GRA 14 Yes               Yes   Yes   Yes
Have you checked out Steve Marchand's idea?
Ellen Phillips D H STR 3 Yes I have written comments for the first three questions three times and before I can finish the others, the site goes back to another page and my answers disappear. I’m frustrated and can’t do it one more time!i have personal stories for most of the questions that I would like to share. Perhaps I’ll try again later tonight but I at least want to get this info to you, Maybe the fact that I’m working on an I phone is causing the problem. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Ellen Read D H ROC 17 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I cosponsored this last year, and am interested in sponsoring this again, along with other issues Yes I'd also like to raise tipped worker minimum wage to 7.50...and would like to sponsor such a bill Yes and I believe in providing tuition free public college education, through graduate Yes
And I would want to institute a public refinancing program for student loans, in addition to the forgiveness program
Emmanuel Krasner D H STR 2 Yes   Yes I owned my own small business, a law office, for years . I always gave my employees paid sick leave. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Erick Gallager D H MER 27 Yes My preferred funding source would be confiscating and redistributing the wealth of the rich, but employee payroll deductions work too. Yes Paid sick days as well as whatever other sort of paid days off workers might want. Yes Increased fungi for childcare would be helpful for parents, but also for providers, who often don't make enough to live on without other assistance. Yes That seems so obvious, I'm surprised it's not already a law. Yes I support re-establishing a minimum wage and eventually raising it to $15, although the Z need not necessarily happen together. decoupling the Z could ease passage of the legislation. Yes specifically I would like to fund a 4-yeat public university in Concord, wether by upgrading NHTI or stating something entirely new. Yes
Scholarships were an essential part of why I was able to get my student loans paid off by this year.
Erik D Corbett D H CARI 1 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support $15 eventually, it has to be done in phases. I also think we have to break out tipped workers minimum and address those workers wages in a separate bill Yes   Yes  
F. Eric Emmerling D H HIL 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Actually, I would support requiring employers to release work schedules at least two weeks in advance. Yes It is immoral for a full-time worker to be living in poverty. This should be considered inexcusable. Yes Increased state funding for higher education should be provided ONLY if tuition is reduced. New construction projects must be funded via endowments and contributions, not tax dollars. Yes  
Francesca Diggs D H GRA 16 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Frank Bertone L H STR 4 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Fred Davis, Jr.     HIL 31 Yes It is very similar to Workers Compensation Insurance, in that money that goes into such a program, is targeted to the employees on an emergency basis who need the specific type of temporary wage replacement. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I would advocate that for small businesses in the state, those making less than $1 million annually, that such an increase would be graduated from the current federal rate of $7.25 an hour for minimum wage employees, to $12 immediately, and then over a span of five years, up to $15. Yes   Yes  
Garrett Muscatel D H GRA 12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Gary Evans D H HIL 39 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
George Feeney R H BEL 5  
I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding
I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding
I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding
  I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding No
I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding
  I need to hear both sides of any issue before deciding Yes  
George Saunderson D H MER 9 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes, but this might not be possible in very small or seasonal businesses. Yes   Yes   Yes  
George Wesley Hamblen D H ROC 14 Yes Fully support. No person should have to chose between a sick family member or work. Yes Worrying about getting sick can be very stressful, which often leads to getting sick. This would alleviate one level of stress. Yes We must do what we can to support working families. Yes Constantly changing work schedules create havoc for planning. Especially when daycare or childcare is involved. Yes New Hampshire residents deseve a living wage. It's impossible to make ends meet. It's a big reason why so many yound adults leave the state. It's a problem. Yes We must not mortgage our future. The students deserve a fair shot to do what they desire upon graduation. They should be beholden to the lenders. Yes
It's a no-brainer. New Hampshire must do more to attract and keep out college graduates.
Gerald W.R. Ward D H ROC 28 Yes Would like to see the employer match or contribute to said program as well. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Gerri Cannon D H STR 18 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No I support establishing a living wage for workers. Yes   Yes  
Gray Chynoweth D EC   EC4 Yes I believe family leave is crucial to the success of New Hampshire’s economy. People should not have to choose between caring for a family member and keeping their job. This will allow workers to stay in the workforce while also empowering them to fulfill family obligations. I strongly support his measure.

This is something I have pushed for in my business career, because in addition to being the right thing to do from a moral perspective, I believe that family leave options help businesses long term in productivity and workforce retention. As an Executive Councilor I will make a point to inquire about the family leave policies of companies that want to do business in our state.

Yes I strongly believe in earned sick time. Workers should not be forced to come into work sick because they can’t afford the time to heal, and they shouldn’t have to choose between caring for a sick child and keeping their job.

As with family leave, this is something I pushed for during my time in the private sector, and on the Executive Council I will ask businesses that seek contracts with the State of New Hampshire to disclose their earned sick time policies.

Yes I support increased funding for child care assistance. Not only is it morally the right thing to do, it will allow New Hampshire to recruit and retain the young workforce that it needs to grow its economy. This legislation would help both families and businesses.

Although many fixes would have to be implemented via the legislative process, as an Executive Councilor I will make sure that companies looking to do business with our State as contractors have a plan in place to make sure their employees have adequate child care resources and make sure they aren’t simply passing the buck to the New Hampshire Tax Payer.

Yes Predictable scheduling is crucial for workers who need to make sure that family obligations are met while they are at their job. I strongly support predictable scheduling legislation, and I will work as an Executive Councilor to make sure that companies contracted by the State of New Hampshire are ensuring predictability of scheduling for their employees. Yes I agree with Councilor Volinsky’s approach to tackling the minimum wage - every time a contract comes before the Executive Council, he makes a point to ask what the lowest paid workers will be paid under the terms of the contract. I strongly agree with this approach, because our state cannot afford to allow contractors to force employees on to public assistance programs by underpaying them. It is simply bad for business.

I believe the minimum wage needs to be raised - New Hampshire was wrong to eliminate its minimum wage in 2011. With low unemployment, it is time to give workers a raise so that our economy can continue to grow and so that people who work hard can afford to provide for their families. Because of the limitations on what the Executive Council can do on matters like raising the minimum wage, I would defer to the legislature on how much to raise the wage, but I do believe that workers need a raise, and that raise needs to be indexed to inflation.

Yes It is crucial that we do everything we can in order to lower tuition costs, including increasing state funding. Our state cannot afford to send a majority of its graduation seniors out of state because in-state tuition is too high only to see them establish their professional lives out of state. We can keep more of our workforce in New Hampshire if we increase public funding for higher education. Yes
Yes, I strongly support loan forgiveness in order to retain the young workforce that New Hampshire needs. I will also help facilitate cooperation between private companies, students, and educational institutions to connect students to companies, and companies to workforce training programs.

This is work that I am currently engaging in at ARMI, and I will use the Executive Council platform to make sure that companies that seeking state contracts are pursuing as well.

Greg Indruk D H HIL 34 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support a phased in increase to the min wage with automatic inflation adjustment. Yes   Yes  
Greg Marrow D H ROC 20 Yes   Yes I would have difficulty supporting a bill that put this burden on small businesses. However I would support a bill if it applied to mid & large sized businesses. Yes     I would like to see this as a matter of common courtesy. I'd also like to learn more about the proposed implementation and the impact on employers before calling for a legal mandate. Yes I think it's ridiculous that we don't have this already! Yes The statistics cited in 6) are troubling and need to be prioritized by elected officials. Lowering tuition is a good start but more needs to be done to keep our home-grown, educated graduates in NH. Yes  
Griffin Fredette D H BEL 4 Yes   Yes It's appalling that nearly half of the NH workforce is being denied such a basic thing as the ability to earn sick days, this needs to change Yes   Yes   Yes The federal minimum wage should be increased to a living wage and it's up to individual states to lead by example and change their minimum wages, NH should be one of those states Yes   Yes  
Gwen Friend D H ROC 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Probably over a period of a few years - not too many though! Also I support tying increases to cost of living increases for the long run. Yes At least for in-state students. And I think the in-state tuition needs to be lowered significantly. Yes
If tuition rates are lowered enough, this should not be terribly expensive.
Hans R Larsson R H BEL 3 Yes I would prefer if participation in this program were voluntary. No   No   Yes Employers should have the courtesy of giving their workers at least that much notice of their schedule. However, running a business often requires adapting quickly due to unpredictable changes that compel more, less, or different work hours than the employer planned. I would be wary of legislation that prevents an employer from reacting to changes in business. No   No   Yes
I support education load forgiveness to target graduates with specific skills and education that are harmfully scarce in NH.
Harrison Kanzler D H CARI 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No I would support $10/hour Yes   Yes  
Harry Kozlowski D H MER 24 Yes I support the idea but care must be taken to not create hardship for smaller businesses. Yes I support the idea but care must be taken to not create hardship for smaller businesses. Yes I support the concept but need to know where funding will come from. Yes I support the idea but care must be taken to not create hardship for smaller businesses. Yes I believe in increasing the minimum wage but it needs to be escalated in steps so as not to cause hardship for some smaller employers. $15/hr should be the a target. Yes I support the concept but need to know where funding will come from. Yes
I support the concept but need to know where funding will come from.
Heidi Hamer D H HIL 17 Yes Long over due Yes   Yes More attention is needed to this issue. Yes   Yes We need to move NH forward! Yes   Yes  
Herb Richardson D H COO 4 Yes                 Undecided-have to look at the legislation and seasonal workers and workers under the age of 18 and first employment. Need to talk on this one Yes It's cheaper to go to a private college, and college graduates are in debt for 30 years, especially teachers Yes  
Howard Moffett D H MER 9 Yes
I voted for HB 628 each time it came up in the House this past term.
  Probably, at least for businesses of a certain size, but I'd want to see the details. Yes   Yes   No In 2017 I co-sponsored HB 115, which would have re-established a state minimum wage (currently defaulted to the Federal minimum of $7.25/hour) and increased it to $12/hour over two years. If we can return a Democratic majority in the House, we can pass a decent minimum wage bill--but I would rather get a $12/hour minimum wage bill passed than try to go to $15/hour and have it fail. Yes    
Not sure. Student debt is a huge problem, but I think part of the answer has to come from Federal funding, and we'll have to look at revenues as well as spending in the next bi-annual budget. I'm not impressed with Gov. Sununu's student scholarship program, which would benefit just a small handful of students.
Ivy Vann D H HIL 24 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Iz Piedra D H HIL 9 Yes This is a common sense solution to a real problem for low-and-medium income families. Yes I'm shocked this isn't already the law. I can't imagine how anyone could be against this. Yes   Yes With the caveat that perhaps an exception be made for very small companies. For a large company, there is no reason why this convenience can't be afforded to employees. It doesn't even affect the company's bottom line. Yes We need a living wage here in New Hampshire. Yes I have over $100,000 in student loan debt. We have a huge crisis in higher education and one way to alleviate it is to better fund our public institutions. Yes
I support this, if we can make the money work. Frankly, I think a federal solution is more feasible. But we can at least provide some incentives, similar to the tax credit system in Maine.
Jack Balcom R H HIL 21 Yes I am also on the board of Harbor Homes in Nashua which will provide free housing, healthcare for families in need. Yes   Yes When I was last a State Rep, I was a member of the Children's Alliance. Yes As a person who has been generally unemployed since 2013, I have been working piecemeal jobs and this is important to those of us in those jobs. No It seems like a good idea but I know small restaurants and Mom and Pop stores that would go out of business if they had to pay more than they are currently paying. Many of these owners have underpaid themselves for years just to survive and provide p/t jobs to high school kids and disabled citizens. I have had to work these jobs myself (my last job was $10/hour and I appreciated the struggle they had to keep me employed. To receive a paycheck after being unemployed is a great feeling. The answer is to provide more jobs and raise wages through a vibrant economy. Yes In my 2015-2016 term I sat on the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) and we need to provide support in this area especially at the Community College level but at all levels. Yes
I know that this would be good for our economy and a great incentive to keep our educated/skilled young workers here in NH.
Jacqueline Chretien D H HIL 42 Yes   Yes   Yes I support increasing assistance to all families so that childcare workers can earn wages commensurate with their critical role in our society. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
I would also require that such programs be fully funded several years into the future so we can be sure to fulfill promised loan forgiveness or bonuses.
James F. Horgan R H STR 2 Yes   Yes   No   Yes Two weeks minimum No   Yes   No  
Jan Schmidt D H HIL 28 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Jay Kahn D S   SD10 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support establishing a NH minimum wage in statute that exceeds the federal minimum and recognizes the cost of living in NH. Yes I also support additional state funding for public colleges and universities if it leads to a tuition freeze. Yes
If re-elected I plan to introduce NH Graduate Retention Incentive Program (NH GRIP) with a slight modification (SB 228 from 2017).
Jennifer Alford-Teaster D S   SD8 Yes This will be a priority for the next legislative cycle and I completely support this effort. Yes   Yes I am a working mom and understand this need directly. While I am able to afford our childcare, many families are financially held hostage by the cost of childcare. If we are going to attract, and retain, a younger workforce, we need to explore options for reducing the burden on families. Yes I've worked multiple minimum wages jobs at once to pay my bills. I understand this issue personally and completely relied on the scheduling to make ends meet. Yes I made a living for almost a decade on a minimum wage job, but had to work three jobs together to make ends meet. That was an incredibly difficult journey -- and given the resources of families today, it's even harder. I think revisiting the minimum wage is essential to supporting working individuals and families. Yes   Yes  
Jennifer Bernet D H HIL 4 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Jennifer Dube D H ROC 3 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Jeremiah Minihan D H STR 24   People should be able to take time off for these kinds of family situations. How that could be done -- payroll deductions by employers, tax incentives for employers, etc. would need to be worked out Yes   Yes    
I think that workers should be notified on a predictable schedule. I'm not sure that a week is feasible in all cases.
  The minimum wage should be effective for all Granite State residents. I just don't know if $15 makes sense. Yes   Yes  
Jim Bosman D H HIL 38 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Jody L. McNally D H STR 10 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No It would hurt the little guy's business. Yes   Yes  
Joe Pace D EC     Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No I would support the establishment of a state minimum wage that is regionally competitive and indexed to inflation. I would prefer to see data that indicates what that wage number should be rather than a politically determined level. Yes   Yes  
Joe Schapiro D H CHE 16 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes This should be phased in over 3 years. Yes   Yes  
John R. Cloutier D H SUL 10 Yes During this term, voted all three times on the House floor for HB 628, which would have created a family & medical leave insurance program, legislation which referred by the full Senate for further study. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes During recent years, have voted for all legislation raising the minimum wage. Yes   Yes  
John A Morrissey D H CARI 4 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
John Bordenet D H CHE 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No Some employers are trying to get to a "fair" wage, requiring a $15/hr wage will force employers to automatic. Yes   Yes  
John Burt R H HIL 39 No   No   No   No   No   No   No  
John Mann D H CHE 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes For some jobs this may be impossible...but should earn more Yes Maybe in intermediate steps Yes   Yes  
John R. Cloutier D H SUL 10 Yes Voted for HB 628, which was referred to Interim Study in Senate Yes None Yes None Yes None Yes In the past have always voted to raise the minimum wage as a state rep. Yes None Yes None
John Reagan R S   SD17 Yes   No   Yes   No Good employers do this. Bad employers will only skirt the practice. No   No The schools can lower tuition with current funding. No
Overcharging by the schools does not demand the state take action.
John Therriault R H CHE 8 No This may be offered by an employer but should not be mandated by the state. No I am not in favor of state mandates. Yes
No I am against state mandates for private businesses No A minimum wage job is only a starting point in a career. The market will effectively set the rates for the value of any job. No Lower tuition can be achieved by leaning out the administration bloat in our University and Community College system. Yes
I would be interested in this idea if it could be implemented in a budget neutral way.
Jon Morgan D S   SD23 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Ultimately, I support getting NH to a $15/hour minimum wage. Realistically, I do think we will need to achieve this incrementally. Yes   Yes  
Jordan Thompson D H HIL 29 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Joshua Adjutant D H GRA 17 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Justin Borden D H BEL 6 Yes I support a state administered program to this effect, but having been, and still being Working Class, I know that every deduction adds up quick and it can become a lose/lose value proposition, and so would prefer such a program be attached to a more substantial Health Care overhaul which would save people money, while providing superior care. Yes It is simple human decency to provide for paid sick days. People fall ill, family members need care, especially children and the elderly. It isn't right for working class & poor families to have to choose between care and a paycheck. Yes I support this as a stop gap & safety net solution. I believe we need to provide greater economic opportunities, education, and improved wages to solve the problem by increasing the wealth and purchase power of working & middle class families. No As stated in question #3, I believe in expanding opportunity to solve the plethora of problems facing working families. I believe this regulation would be ineffective on grounds that it would be difficult & expensive to enforce, as violations would need to be investigated, fined, or prosecuted. So while I support the spirit of this question fully, I don't think legislation will work in this case, based on the question. Yes I fully support, and have included a $15/hour wage on my platform. I would also like to see the minimum wage attached to the cost of living increase, to ensure people do not become poorer as the years pass. Yes I fully support, and include this in my platform. NH higher education system is prohibitively expensive, and student debt out of control. I want to expand this key opportunity to all New Hampshire youth. It was denied to me because of my working class background & enormous costs, I don't want anyone to miss out on learning, it is the foundation of success. Yes
New Hampshire has done a fantastic job driving young people away from the state, and we need to expand access to college education as a first step at reversing the trend.
Kate Delfino D H ROC 14 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Kate Murray D H ROC 24 Yes We almost made it the last time Yes   Yes   Yes Seems to me this is basic respect Yes   Yes   Yes  
kathleen M. Martins D H MER 24   I support the insurance idea but wonder if there's a different way to fun. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Kelly Moss D H ROC 8 Yes Insurance programs work best when there is the largest possible risk pool. Therefore, having the government facilitate an insurance program for the benefit of all citizens is the best way to run a cost-effective program. Removing the risk, and stress, associated with sudden illness will also make workers more productive when they are working and will help to grow our economy. We should do a similar thing with health insurance, but at the federal level with a Universal Healthcare system. Yes Too many people go to work sick and spread disease because they cannot afford to take a day off. If all workers were able to take the time to get well when they were sick, it would would help stop the spread of disease and result in a healthier overall workforce. Yes   Yes I do support this, but only if it includes a mechanism for last-minute shifts to be added in an optional way. It is difficult for employers to plan ahead completely and the needs of employers to make last minute adjustments based on changing circumstances must be considered as well. Certainly, at a minimum an employee's job should never be at risk for missing a shift that was offered with less than a week's notice. Yes We should work towards a $15 minimum wage gradually at a pace that does not cause significant disruption to our economy. It is a fact of reality that at $15/hr, it become cheaper to have robots and machines performing a large number of tasks which are now performed by low-wage workers. We must have a plan in place to re-train these people and find other opportunities for them in the workforce as we embark on the minimum wage increase. Then we end up with a higher paid and higher skilled workforce at the same time. Yes I support a combination of increased state funding as well as looking at ways to keep the costs from rising. Yes
I believe in increasing the number of merit-based scholarships which are given to hard-working and motivated high school graduates to reward and encourage those traits. I also support income-based repayment programs of student loans for graduates who choose to work in particular industries or fields which are determined to be in demand within the state.
Kendall Snow D H HIL 19 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Some flexibility is necessary Yes   Yes   Yes  
Kermit Williams D H HIL 4 Yes I worked to pass this program during the last session. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I would want a split minimum wage, so that teenagers looking for summer work were not priced out of work Yes   Yes  
Kevin Liddell R H ROC 7 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Kris Schultz D H MER 18 Yes   Yes Call me crazy, but I especially want those handling my food to get leave. Why doesn’t anyone point out the practical public health concerns? Farm workers, grocery store, drivers & all food service workers all should get this, and so should everyone. Yes   Yes   Yes But for many workers, that still isn’t a living wage. I want a mandatory living wage for all workers. Yes And we need to see student loan debt is a big bubble in the economy that will burst... and plan for it. No
I am still paying off student loans from 1991 (long story involving a health care bankruptcy) I would not be for some to get forgiveness but all to get forgiveness. With some parameters. But I need debt relief too and I already live here.
Kristina Durocher D S   SD19 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Krysten Evans D H HIL 37 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Larry Converse D H SUL 4 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Larry L. Laflamme D H COO 3 Yes Previously voted in favor of this Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Laura j Lynch D H HIL 25 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Linda Harriott-Gathright     HIL 36 Yes I apologize for the delay in responding. Please accept my questionnaire. Yes I believe if not able to earn paid sick days, it should be a part of employment to get paid when sick. Yes   Yes   Yes I support a livable wage as well. Yes   Yes  
Lucy McVitty Weber D H CHE 1 Yes As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation. Yes As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation. Yes As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation. Yes As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation. Yes I believe the ultimate goal should be a liveable wage for everyone, and that figure is higher than $15. However, in the past, I was asked to "hold out" for $15 and not to compromise at a lower figure. I'm not sure that "sticking to our principles" is a valid reason to keep an earner at $7.25 if we could pass, say, $10 or $12 immediately. Yes As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation. Yes
As always, my answer depends on the actual wording of the legislation.
Manny Espitia D H HIL 31 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes My preferred answer is actually I would need to delve deeper because the state is not uniform in its needs. $15 in Berlin is very different than $15 in Manchester and Nashua. I believe that 7.25 is an absolute joke and unsustainable and I believe that we need to at least raise the wage to $10. I will work to research raising the minimum wage and see how we can help families and not hurt small businesses. Yes   Yes  
Marcy Rothenberg     MER 24 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Marie Yanish D H ROC 7 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes This is basic and imperative. There is an exception - those who are mentally or physically handicapped and in a sheltered, supervised work environment. I have a brother who benefits from this. Yes This is one the most important issues to me Yes Absolutely!!!!
Marjorie Porter D H HIL 1 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Marjorie Smith D H STR 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support a phase in period over 5 years Yes   Yes  
Mark Fernlad D S   SD9 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support $15 per hour minimum wage, but not in one step. It will take several years to get from $11 to $15. Yes   Yes  
Mark Proulx R H HIL 44 Yes   Yes Depends on the size of the company Yes   Yes     unsure   We give them more money and tuition never goes down. So no. Yes  
Martha Fuller Clark D S   SD21 Yes I would be interested in filing this legislation as lead sponsor in the Senate Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Martha S Hennessey D S   SD5 Yes This is a very high priority Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I support a livable wage Yes   Yes  
Mary Sullivan Heath D H HIL 14 Yes will continue to fight for the above Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Mason Donovan D S   SD7 Yes The FMLA was a fair and needed program that would have been a great benefit to NH workers. Yes   Yes Although I am in favor of making child care more accessible, I would need to better understand how it can be funded and where those public dollars would go. Yes   Yes I am in favor of any minimum wage increase in 2019 with the goal of getting it to $15/hour. Yes NH's public university tuition is among the highest in the country for in-state students. Yes
As in Q3, I would need to better understand how this would be funded and how we would determine the program filters.
Matt Towne D H STR 4 Yes Society must acknowledge that our population is growing older and trying to stay in their homes - overall a good thing. However it puts the worker at odds with their employer when they cannot attend to intense personal matters such as medical appointments for aging parents, etc. Yes Absolutely. Again, it puts incredible strain on families when the parents are faced with a choice of losing their job or attending to health issues. No This answer needs further qualification. I do understand the need for affordable child care but it has to be structured in such a way that it encourages networking among families and friends and doesn't lead to an escalation of child care costs for everyone. I am happy to have this discussion however. Yes This is a given. Employers who cannot plan more than a week in advance to give their employees time to arrange child care etc. do all of us a disservice since that means people will come to work ill, or leave children unattended at home. Yes Absolutely. It isn't a high bar frankly. I don't agree that jobs will suffer and do not believe that increasing the labor costs in this way will have a material negative effect on the economy. Most states that have done this have seen a rise in employment and their own economy. Yes I do but the question is more complex than the one stated above. Not everyone needs nor wants a 4 year degree. Not every degree will actually prepare you for anything that would allow you to pay back the money. Tuition costs are generally the least of the costs where board and room are much higher than tuition in many cases. I want to keep our children gainfully employed in the state but would like to be a bit more creative about how that might happen. While $40,000 is a lot of money to be in debt as a young person, it pales in comparison to the increased earnings that graduate will make over a lifetime. Yes
I particularly like the concept of targeted education. We paid full tuition for our daughter to attend Smith because our income was such that we could. I support that approach and make it income sensitive.
Megan A. Murray D H HIL 22 Yes   Yes As well as the opportunity for other co-workers to donate sick time too! Yes   Yes   Yes We need a living wage in New Hampshire and in America. Yes I also support creating a vast network of resources for trade-oriented post-high school learning, from educational loan needs, apprenticeships and work-tool support. Many folks in trade industries have to purchase their work tools, and for someone just entering a trade, those costs are often staggering. Yes
I also support loan forgiveness in specialized health care fields: mental health, opiate and elder care, to attract and retain the necessary professionals we need to help keep the Granite State's population as healthy as possible.
Mel Myler D H MER 10 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Michael E. Thornton R H HIL 23 No I agree that such a plan has some merit, it is quite unaffordable for most of the smaller businesses in our State. It is a shame. The larger companies, who can afford this benefit will derive competitive benefits, thus, driving more employers to follow their lead. I have benefited from the Hitchiner Manfacturing Company program I when suffering from lymphoma, a smaller company might lose a valuable employee. They’d assist to the maximum possible to retain a valuable employee. No I was a new small business owner and could NOT AFFORD to pay a competitive wage and all of the individual benefits a larger business could afford. However, should a key employee desire to restructure their compensation package to accomodate their own specific needs, certainly, that would be possible. No Again, customers can only pay so much for a given product or service. Knowing how or where a small business could possibly afford an additional $12k per employee per year is beyond me. We need to work together as a society, families, parents to come up with unique solutions for each of us. For our young family, we had to work splitting our shifts and losing sleep to make the income we required. No Encouraging strongly, yes. Unfortunately not every schedule can be forseen a week or weeks in advance. The only employment advntage goes to the most flexible employees. A company’s customers will go where they able to get the goods and services they require when they are needed. Good employees are highly valued and will be accommodated to the maximum extent possible. No Simply not affordable. A given task cannot be compensated at a level beyond a competitive value. If employees are granted a forced artificial wage increase, all prices would increase, and destroy any temporary advantage. The worker paid more, an advantage , would need to do equal work in fewer hours. No Doing this, a Government forced solution, costs more money and causes more problems. Economic issues will require a competitive solution be worked out amongst all parties. New Hampshire is in a terrible situation, we’re investing heavily in our children, only to have them finish their education and move away leaving us with a labor shortage. This is a wage increase force for qualified workers and will residents. Society, labor, and labor can ONLY work together, if costs are increased to cover higher wages, the workers are forcer to pay higher prices for essentials, like food. No
Again, any forced ‘answer’ driven by government, adds administrative burden which is nèver recovered. The individual worker can negotiate for a sharing program allowing benefits and responsibilities for everyone. Private industry is being driven into cooperating with schools to get the skills required, affordably. Basket weaving is not as competitive a skill as, perhaps engineering. Cooperative teamwork between labor, government, and industry must find the answers which work best, at the lowest cost.

I have a heart. Most of my working life I was fairly low, the new guy aboard, first out the door if anything like you suggest happened and they’d have been a help for me, momentarily. The companies pass on their costs, the inflationary effects would have left me further behind each time. Making the increases “automatically increasing” would give us runaway inflation. We must make these hard choices as a society; then, we could accept the value attached to some of these costs. Unfortunately, offshore pressures on the bottom line would always be a factor with which we must contend. Each measure would give the government more power over us and been more costly at tax time. Thanks muchly for these tough questions, they required some thinking and dealing with my emotions which always wanted to shout YES.

Michael O'Brien Sr. D H HIL 36 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Minimum wages need to be increased but in one shot leaves several questions. Therefore I support incremental increases which in my opinion enhances the enrichment of our working families and also allows businesses time to adjust to these raises. $ 7.25/hour is much too low for our workers. Yes   Yes  
Michelle Carter     BEL 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Michelle Couture D H ROC 3 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Michelle St. John D H HIL 27 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes     I think this is important. I would be willing to support a year to year increase over a period of five years. Yes   Yes  
Mikey Leviss R H HIL 11 No I believe that adults are fully capable of saving money for expected and unexpected needs for time off. It is morally wrong to take from the hard earned money of New Hampshire families for a special program. Furthermore, if such a concept of paid leave is such a good idea, a voluntary private enterprise could provide such a service. No Again, I believe that adults are fully capable of saving money for when they are unable to work due to any reason. I have worked low wage jobs and always make sure to save what I can for a rainy day. No I would like to reduce taxes, which will reduce the economic burden on families. For example, reducing property taxes will help lower rents. I also want to see families stay together if they can. I dont believe that people without children should be required to pay for those who have made the choice to have children (which is not necessarily a bad choice). No I have dealt with this personally, not getting even a day notice for what I am working. It is frustrating, but I have always had the option to seek a job that provides a schedule. This is especially so with the tightening labor market. I may be amenable to a law that has no enforcement or penalty. No Given the tight labor market here, this is unnecessary. No job is even at the federal minimum wage. A natural market minimum has taken force. No It is empirically proven that more aid = higher tuition. No
I support debt cancelling, bankruptcy, and negotiation, but I think thats more of a federal issue.
Miriam Cahill-Yeaton D H MER 21 Yes   Yes for employers of sufficient size to be able to absorb this Yes based on need Yes This is just common sense Yes incrementally starting at 12.00 + up each year Yes but not if teachers get raises + increased sabbaticals, etc. The money must go to the product (students) Yes
common sense
I grew up poor, oldest of 11 kids. I Believe in "hands-up" not "hand outs"
Molly Kelly D G     Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions. I have long supported many of these initiatives and recently released my "Family Economic Security" plan. Where I outlined my support for a $15 minimum wage, strengthening public education, funding college and job training programs, paid family and medical leave, and fair scheduling. These are policies that will help Granite State families provide for themselves and their communities.
Pamela J. Hubbard D H ROC 12 Yes We must do more for working families than give lip service to the issue. Good childcare is crucial to any community, no matter one's age. Yes This is a "no brainer." You use what what you ear... Yes There is no way out of poverty if you have one small paycheck... Yes Often scheduling issues can be worked out by the employees themselves if they know their work schedule in advance. Yes I realize this cannot be done all at once. It must be done, however if you are going to fund competent workers. Yes We all benefit from an educated populace. Yes
Again, this is an excellent program but it must be done in stages.
Patricia Cornell D H HIL 18 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Patricia Klee     HIL 30 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes We are so far behind the curve in minimum wage. Yes   Yes  
Patricia Martin D H CHE 11 Yes Showed up to hearings in support of paid family leave last session Yes   Yes We need to do a better job of paying child care workers too. Perhaps there could be a student debt repayment program such as occurs with some non-profits. Yes A week ahead schedule was the norm when I was a young waitress and going to school. Yes Absolutely!!! Yes   Yes
Particularly for early childhood educators, social workers, etc.
Patricia Pustell D H CARI 5 Yes We must come up with a payment that does not hinder the families who need his program. The children and our future. Yes Yes- We all get sick and it is devastating when the employees can't work. Yes Families are the fabric of society and the children are our future. We must help families help themselves. Yes
I raised a family and I know how hard it is to work around a family schedule.
  ? I believe it must be planned and achieve that goal! we need jobs that pay so a family can live. Yes Definitely- Education is the key to a successful society- I believe trade schools are included getting affordable. Yes
This is an interest of mine please see enclosed card. I have been a supporter of your organization long before running for office.
Patrick Coleman R H STR 19 Yes It must be on a voluntary basis though. The employer must not make it mandatory for those employees who do not wish to partake. Yes Only for full-time hourly and salaried workers Yes This needs to be implemented through tax credits and other avenues. We cannot put restrictions on child care facilities. Yes I have no idea why this is an issue. Everywhere I have worked submitted monthly or biweekly schedules. No Forcing employers to pay higher wages will reduce the workforce by laying off employees and cause No It won't mean lower tuition. The reason why tuition is so high is because the government subsidizes it with loans. More funding will not help the situation, only inhibit it further. No
These already exist at the federal level for those working in certain public sectors. What we need is more facilities to hire the graduates. For instance, we have one facility in NH for psych grads to specialize in an area of their choice so they can attain a target practice of theirs. This is why we have need for these workers because they specialize out of state and are offered jobs in those states they perform their programs in. NH cannot provide further education for them.
Patrick McDougall R H ROC 8 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No But we need a compromise and realistic wage study! Yes   Yes  
Paul Hutsteiner R H HIL 35 Yes It could come under the existing unemployment insurance program if treated as a lay-off or leave of absence . Yes   Yes But only for those who are truly needy (e.g. on the food stamp programs …) No In many cases 'flexible hours; is a part of the agreed upon job description, and so a part of the wage negotiation package. No Wages increase as the demand for labor. Artificially increasing wages will cause inflation and so be self-defeating. No Not without an increase in revenue other than our already over-stressed system of taxes on real estate and businesses. No  
Peg Higgins D H STR 22 Yes   Yes     Depends on where the money comes from Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Peter Leishman D H HIL 24 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Peter McVay D H ROC 14 Yes States that have said "yes" to all of these questions have seen no effect, or an improvement, in their GSP (CA) Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Peter Petrigno D H HIL 23 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Peter Somssich D H ROC 27 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes It should increase to $20 from $15 over a 5 year period. Yes We must work towards a no-debt public college education in NH using work-study programs for in-state students. Yes  
Phyllis Katsakiores R H ROC 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No If wages go up good go up! Yes   Yes  
Polly Campion D H GRA 12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I believe we should institute a graduated plan, beginning with $12/hour, raising to $15/hour in 3 years. Yes fund either lower tuition or increase debt relief/scholarship funding to achieve a similar result Yes Yes, yes, yes!!!
Rachel Cisto D H HIL 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Raymond Howard Jr. R H BEL 8 No Some insurance companies already offer this kind of a plan people can buy. No This is a personal responsibility people need to have savings for an emergency. No Government expansion of taxpayer funded kindergarten and preschool plus over regulated of the privet sector has created this rise in cost. No You need to read the state Constitution No   No The problem is poor budget practices like $500, plus compensation for dean's and professors and million dollar scoreboards. No
We have more welfare then I can afford now, tell them its your personal chose you pay for it.
Rebecca C Hutchinson D H ROC 2 Yes     Probably but would need to know more. With this issue, I do have a concern that we not put an unreasonable burden on small businesses. I also think offering benefits or lack thereof (and their quality) is a reasonable and important way for employers to compete for employees so I would want more info about this issue before committing to a yes or no answer. Yes   No I just hit NO by mistake! - I meant to leave this blank because before taking a position on this, I would need to see data and testimony as to the depth of the problem. How many employers do not provide at least one week in advance? There would also have to be an opportunity for changes in the schedule based on business demand. Yes My full answer here is yes, assuming it is implemented in stages. I don't know what home care agencies who rely on Medicaid reimbursement rates would do with this.. Hope is it would pressure rate increases! Yes   Yes  
Beth Rodd D H MER 6 Yes I voted for this. Yes   Yes   Yes Preferably more notice. Yes   Yes   Yes  
Reta Chaffee MacGregor D H HIL 6 Yes Such a shame that it did not pass Yes   Yes   Yes Just plain Yes   Yes   Yes  
Richard Ames D H CHE 9 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No   Yes  
Richard B Friedman D H HIL 7 Yes I believe family and medical leave programs are an important part of making employed citizens of NH able to balance their work/family responsibilities. Yes Paid sick leave should be available to employees for use. However there may need t be limits as to total days available/year for employees or it may be part of a total annual earned time benefits program Yes I believe that increased federal tax credits may be another way to improve the affordability of child care for working parents Yes Employers cannot require employees to be available at all hours for part time employment without providing some scheduling stability or advance scheduling to allow them to obtain other part time employment if they so wish. Yes No adult in NH working full time should live in poverty. I believe gradually increasing a minimum wage to 15.00 dollars is a first step in providing a step toward fairness in pay for workers. Yes I also believe that the state needs to develop some type of loan forgiveness program for graduates who remain in the state and obtain full time employment. This may also involve business participation in the loan forgiveness program. Yes See above answer
Richard Johnson R H MER 23 Yes   Yes   Yes I would consider the pros/cons of any proposals. There needs to be help- The question is- How to do it? Yes   Yes I would support increasing the minimum wage. I would not jump from 7.25 to 15 in one step--------- business will need to adjust + that won't be overnight Yes There needs to be accountability for the use of funds-- it must lower tuition. Yes
There are probably many creative ways to use "forgiveness" programs + many could help the underserved, the immigrants, and the marginalized.
Richard M. Abel D H GRA 13 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Richard O'shaughnessy D S   SD22 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Richard Osborne D H GRA 7 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
I am very interested in supporting these causes. More information would be greatly appreciated.
Robert A. Backus D H HIL 19 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Perhaps with a small caveat, if it can be specified, for certain employments where it may be impractical Yes I would favor a phase to get to this goal Yes   Yes  
Robert Drew R H STR 4 No It should be up to each company, how many and which kind of benefits they want to offer their employees No Again it is not the government's job to mandate how a business should be run. Government run business is called socialism. No   Yes   No A minimum wage is for people starting out with no experience or very little education. As you get more expreience, the wages go up. No Colleges need to lower their expenses. The more the government gives them, the more they will spend. Students can work for a year before they start school and attend lower cost community colleges. No
If you want your education paid for, join the military.
Robert Renny Cushing D H ROC 21 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Rod Pimentel D H MER 6 Yes   Yes   Yes   No this would be an impossible burden on certain types of employers, for example if your business is dependent on the weather. Yes this would need to be implemented over 3 - 5 years. It would go a long way to solving some of the previously mentioned issues. No I would rather see an increase in merit based scholarship funding. Yes  
Roger Francoeur D H HIL 14 Yes   Yes   Yes We also need to greatly slow down inflation , and stop price gouging or we will always will be playing catch up with enough money for our need . Yes   Yes I am hoping to introduce a bill that will raise minimum wages and at the same time give small bussiness a tax cut where they come ahead . first with $15.00 an hour ,many people could come off social programs . This would make up for some of that tax lost . There  are several ways to decrease the need in prison cost ,that I have looked into .If we just decriminalize recreational marijuana , that would save millions . The biggest way to make up the lost of taxes if we give small businesses a tax cut , and keep prices down is when (not if , anymore ) recreational marijuana become legal in this state . It did pass both houses but the governor veto it . With 9 state making it legal ,and counting , along with many state decriminalizing it and now 64% of the people favor legalization , it could happen in the next year or two .With less crime and prison cost along with millions of new revenue and jobs we can get that $15.00 an hour , and not hurt small businesses.and there would be no good reason to not raise minimum wages .  This can be done with also a tax cut for small businesses so they aren't hurt , which has been the main roadblock on a political level . This can be done .
Yes   Yes  
Roger W. Dontonville D H GRA 10 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Ronald Jonathan Cooper III D H ROC 6 Yes I believe that it is important that our workforce has access to paid leave so that those who are responsible for taking care of family members can do so without the burden and stress they undertake when taking days off from work, unpaid. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Russell R. Norman D H ROC 4 Yes Voluntary contribution & no contribution no benefit. Yes   Yes   Yes
If employer can't do that, how can they be successful. Especially with low cost labor.
  $12.50 hour
The $7.25 minimum is corporate welfare. GOP thinks low wages attracts businesses. doubt it.
Yes It is an investment in the state of NH. This will attract bigger complete businesses. Yes
Motivation to do the right thing is the right thing for the state to do. Education and opportunity are key tactics. It is the common good for the state as a whole.
Ruth Gullick D H BEL 1 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Safiya Wazir D H MER 17 Yes This family and medical leave program is very important for NH's working families Yes   Yes I support child care assistance for working families to help families prosper. I support early childhood education, too. Yes   Yes I support and immediate increase to $10/hour, followed by a gradual increase to $15/hour over 3-5 years. Yes This is essential to keeping young people and young families in NH Yes
I strongly support educational opportunities from pre-k through university.The younger generations are America's future.
Scott A Burns D H MER 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 2 weeks if not a month so they can budget and schedule personal and other important appointments Yes But limitations for those under 18 No Rather support more funding for k-12 public education and have high schools provide more scholarships to student graduating Yes  
Sean McBride Lewis D H ROC 8 Yes This about sums it up: Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Sharon Nordgren D H GRA 12 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Sherry Frost D H STR 16 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Skip Berrien D H ROC 18 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Stephen D. Mavrellis D H ROC 7 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
stephen l woodcock D H CARI 2 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Steven Rand D H GRA 8 Yes   No I'd need to see the details before supporting this. This is part of the employment contract between employees and employers. Not sure how this differs in intent or administration from #1 Yes Yes but NH has no capacity to fund this with our current taxation system. We need an Income tax. Yes It's only fair. Yes Yes as an objective, so long as the requirement is phased in over a number of years. 3-5 Yes Again, we need to get this funding from where the money is, by way of an income tax. After all, NH has the 5th highest income per capita in the nation. Yes I like the latter better
Sue Ford D H GRA 3 Yes Parents need options to care for family members. On a personal level no one benefits when someone must go to work sick or lose their pay. It's unfortunate that the Family Leave bill was vetoed this year. Yes There are times when a person must stay home for his or her health and to not spread germs to everyone else. Yes It's important to provide quality child care. It really does make a difference. Yes Parents need time to provide for care of their children. There are also people want to work more than one job. You can't do that on a "will call, must report" schedule. Yes When a person doesn't make a living wage he or she needs governmental support services. It would be better for everyone to pay an additional 10 or 15 cents for a hamburger than have to continue to fight to raise governmental services such as SNAP benefits. Yes We are the lowest in the country - if we double the state allocation we will still be the lowest. College debt is much too large for NH students. Yes
We certainly do need our youth to stay and work in NH>
Sue Newman D H HIL 29 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Getting the work schedules out ahead of time, would give employees the opportunity to 'swap' shifts ahead of time, if necessary, to make sure that scheduled shifts are 'covered'. No I think that NH definitely needs to move TOWARDS $15.00/hr., I think that a LOT of 'stakeholders' need to be part of the minimum wage/hr increase, discussion, though, and a FULL discussion as to whether an increase would apply to both full and part-time employees, would be needed. I think that Market Basket should be an employer to ask questions of, as they hire so many of our high school kids, part-time. Mass. increase to $15/hr takes effect in 2023, I believe. Yes NH is kidding itself if thinks that the HIGH in-State tuition doesn't have far-reaching affects on our young people...and the NH parents who are trying to help their children. Yes
I would think that tying loan-forgiveness /state scholarship dollars to staying and working in NH for a period of time after graduation could be a win-win for both the students and the State. Maybe hard-to-fill jobs (if taken by graduates) and for example working for at least 2 years in those positions, would be a way to both fill positions and erase student debt. Prison Officer positions comes to mind -- tough positions, hard to fill, pay isn't great - BUT IF some grads would actually take a position like this, and IF taking a position like that could eliminate student debt, then it could be a win-win for everyone.
Susan Almy D H GRA 13 Yes     I haven’t seen the bill or a discussion yet. I don’t know how this would work with very small employers, or what the limits would be. But I would definitely want to be able to support it. I once had a fast food employee appeal to me because her boss was making them all come in with colds, and when I checked there was no law to help. Yes But I don’t know how the state government can pay for it unless we finally face up to major tax reform - even if we get the enormous tax cuts looming over us stopped, we’ll still be having to cut back in the next recession, which might even be next year. Yes Common decency   I’d want to go up in stages, to be sure we weren’t killing too many jobs. And maybe look at NYS’s experience with its two-tier system, one for lower cost-of-living and fewer-jobs parts of the state and a higher one for the rest. I don’t think anyone has tried doubling all lower-level wages before. I lived in Brazil during its hyperinflation, which was caused by a gimmick they were proud of, they’d calculate the national inflation every 6 months and raise the minimum wage by that amount. The majority of the people were outside the formal economy and every 6 months the prices in the markets and supermarkets would go up hugely and they couldn’t get that much increase for what they could sell, labor or goods. The better-off cushioned by buying up goods just before the change, and getting contracts. I would like to know more about where the minimum wage workers live and how scarce their jobs are. Around this area, the employers have had to go up to $10-12 starter wages for fast food because people can’t survive on less. Yes But we must have more revenue. Right now increasing anything will mean cutting something else, unless the feds send more. That $104 M Christmas tree bill spent money we’re not sure we can keep after megacorporations file their returns in October, and all the economists not in Trump’s pay think the boost from the tax cut will be fading away by 2019. We need the business and other tax cuts of the last 4 years reversed, and we need a capital gains tax. And we need more money to clean up the damage caused in and since the great recession to our courts, prisons, local property tax-based services, elder care, child care, substance abuse treatment (at least that money’s coming finally from the feds), energy efficiency, roads, job training.. Yes
But see above. It’s one of the big things we need to invest in, if we can find the money.
Susan DeLemus D H STR 11  
That decision should be left to local governments or individual schools. By mandating an insurance program you essentially create a new "tax". Privatization is the way to go. If the employees of a private business want this then let the company decide
If the private employer wants to implement a program like this then fine. It should not be mandated in state run business.
  Only if it's not an increase in taxes and/or fees Yes   No Other states that have enacted a $15/h wage are losing businesses to other states No
Cutting admin costs might help w/ the overpricing of tuition
It depends where the funds are coming from. If it requires an increase in taxes and/or fees then no.
Suzanne J Smith D H GRA 8 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes I believe that the minimum wage needs to be raised but it needs to be implemented over time. Small businesses which are barely making ends meet need to be considered. Yes   Yes  
Tammy M. Siekmann D S   SD14 Yes   No Every employee should have access to paid sick leave. Yes I have three girls and five grandchildren and I feel very strongly about all of the Family issues. Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Timothy D Sullivan R H BEL 1 No I am running as a Republican No Public Employees already enjoy such very generous benefits. Why not tax their benefits to pay for the private sector employee to get just a little of what they claim in each new contract negotiations to be something they already have? Yes Yes we already provide these structured paid for by the parents child care programs in our public schools. We could do more if the public employee lobby were not raping the system and tax payers with grotesque total benefit DECOMPRESSIONS . But they are of course elitists and only pretend to care. If we could address the public employee total cost issues and make the NHRS solvent there would be plenty of money for these programs to be expanded. Yes This is a situation created by Obama policies destroying Full Time work. Employers must hire 20% more people than they need to keep them all under thirty hours and to insure that people with no stake in their job who only show up when they feel like it, can be filled in for as needed at the last minute. The notion is a good one but the current structure of our economy makes it impracticable. No   No The only people paying less than $15 these days are the towns and cities to their lowest paid employees even as their ten highest paid all get over $100K just in salary PLUS Benefits. Let us see these profligate Universities cut their costs before we throw more money at them that fgoes to every cockamammy expense BUT lowering tuition, Room and board, and books. No
Loan forgiveness ? Who gets paid and who does not get paid? Before WWII nobody went to college who could not afford to go and no one went there for a vocational outcome. We have been trying to get a plumber to come and fix our bathroom shower for 2 months. Who is going to stay in these continuing to die dying New England mill towns? People come here with their own money or to own their own business. Wolfeboro the Oldest White Summer Resort in America. Americans especially the Boomers, have no assets to retire on. They are not "retiring" from a job indoors in a climate controlled environment. Defined benefit pensions have all but disappeared in the private sector. They go to FL and then come back because it is worse there. They go to CO and only some come back. "The LIBERALS" have no solution for the highest electricity costs in the country for manufacturing. Well Stopping Northern Pass to save the view shed. That's the View, their butts as they cross the state lines, that is pushing out the more prosperous and well educated young people and now encouraging the indigents to flock in for the ever more generous welfare your org seems bent on promoting. Not just expanded Medicaid but MORE expanded medicaid and cheaper gas, cigarettes and beer too. Wouldn't it be better if NH too had deposit beverage containers, so that we would no longer have the country's highest per capita beer consumption? Imagine how much revenue that would cost the State if "they" bought their beer in MA, ME, VT, NY and RI ?
Timothy H Josephson D H GRA 11 Yes No brainier and we should be leading the way for the country Yes YES this is sorely needed in food service and retail Yes Duh Yes I sponsored a bill that would have done exactly this last year; it was practically laughed out of committee. I look forward to filing it again with support from FFE Yes Incrementally, yes, and not a lot of ridiculous loopholes. Not immediately to $15 but $10 in 2020 then $12 in 2021 and $15 by 2023 Yes It's embarrassing how little this State supports our colleges Yes THIS IS HUGE.
Timothy Horrigan D H STR 6 Yes   Yes workers should be entitled to vacation days, too! Yes   Yes I am not sure of the details of how we would go about implementing this, bt the absic idea is good,. Yes   Yes (or even if tuition doesn't go down!) Yes  
Timothy Smith D H HIL 17 Yes I voted for family sick/medical leave. Yes I voted for family sick/medical leave. Yes I was raised by a single parent and have first hand experience with the difficulties she faced. Yes   Yes   Yes This is a critical issue, we are the lowest in the nation for state contributions to higher ed Yes  
Tom Chase D H ROC 32 Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No I want to raise the minimum wage, but am not sure about how high or how fast. Yes   Yes
I have heard about a proposal in Vermont to pay $10k to young people who come to live and work in VT. How about an offer to assist young people who move to NH to live and work a loan-repayment program. Jobs and affordable housing would also help to attract new families to NH.